Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buddy's Gluten Free Pizza/Caraba's Italian Grille Review

I finally had the chance to head to Buddy's Pizza to try their gluten free pizza. My son and I walked through the doors with our mouths watering. It has been awhile since we've been out to eat, and especially for pizza. It was going to be a treat for sure.

I ordered the cheese and pepperoni because I wanted to taste the crust to see if it was as good as I remember Buddy's pizza to be. I guess I was waiting for something that I just couldn't make at home and I was so disappointed. I found the pizza was expensive at $8.49 for a 8x10 pizza. The crust was no better than what I can make at home much cheaper, and the pizza overall was very blah. Not impressed and I should've been since it was something I was really looking forward to trying.

I also tried Carrabba's. Not that my food was bad, but it was just nothing. They actually have a gluten free menu and all it consists of are items that are naturally gluten free excluding any of the flavor and extras that other people get with their "normal" dinners. It's a shame.

My main peeve with these and other establishments that offer gluten free food is that shouldn't the prices be lower for our gluten free dishes? You're saving money on half of the items that go on top or into the dishes that you have designated for us. Why should I pay the same amount or more for a salad without most of the toppings? Gluten free eaters shouldn't be considered "specialty" customers that you can jack the price up on.

And for Pete's sake, if you claim to be an Italian restaurant that offers gluten free food, why wouldn't you make gluten free breadsticks?!?!?! Everyone else at the table has breadsticks to eat while waiting for their dinner and I have to sit and wait. Course, I realize they would have to be an additional $18 added on the bill, but occasionally it would be worth it to partake in on the appetizers like everyone else.

Not impressed with my last two dinner outings, so I'm seeking better!

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