Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Voices Of The Gluten-Free Lifestyle.

Calling all moms, dads and children with gluten-free needs! The Celiac Shack wants to hear what you have to say about your gluten-free lifestyle. Send us your recipes, stories, links etc. to theceliacshack@yahoo.com. We are currently trying to form an online community for real people with these special dietary needs. Your submitted material will be reviewed and stands a good chance to be published in our newsletter "The Pipeline". To check out July's publication, log onto theceliacshack.net and take a second to subscribe. You may find something that will help you with your everyday struggle. Hope to hear from you soon!

Susan Jones

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Computer Problems ~ UGH!

Hey everyone!

I'd like to apologize for the delay in my blogs and responses back to everyone. Our computer half way crashed last week, so we've been spending all week updating, fixing, and trying to figure out what is wrong with technology, or better yet, what is wrong with us! haha

I'd like to tell all the customers who have placed orders, signed up for our newsletter, and sent us emails, that we are back on track now! I will get your orders out to you tomorrow, and complete all of the other paperwork that I'm a week behind on.

An online business is great except when your computer goes out on you...then you find yourself in a pickle!

Until tomorrow, I wish all of you a happy gluten free day.

Susan :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gluten Free summer camps for kids!


I’m particularly interested in gluten free camps for kids, because my son has been asking to go off to camp this summer. I thought I’d share a link with Gluten free camps listed. Sounds like FUN!


The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Michigan Moms ~ Business owners

I am so excited! I am going to a party/discussion group tonight that is supporting Michigan Moms who are business owners. I am going to see what the format is and I will be keeping all of you posted on the discussion groups/support meetings that I plan to be holding in the near future.

I am really interested in getting in touch with other Michigan Moms who have their own business, or are thinking of starting their own business. Although my company focuses on gluten intolerance's, I think that all Moms have something important to share with each other when it comes to starting a business no matter what type of business you're thinking of creating.

If you know of any Moms that would like to be in contact with other women with similar situations relating to gluten intolerance's, or business in general, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you're looking for and how I can assist you in your journey!

I'll let everyone know how the meeting goes tonight, and as always, The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun things to do with your celiac kids!

Hey everyone!

If you're like me, I am always looking for fun activities to do with my children. My kids LOVE Playdough, but as you know, it contains gluten, so I am posting a great recipe for GLUTEN FREE PLAYDOUGH that is easy to make, and you should have all the ingredients right in your kitchen.
My kids spent all day yesterday playing with it, and they made all different colors. GREAT summer activity for rainy days, or out on the picnic table for easy clean up!

GLUTEN FREE Cornstarch Playdough

1 cup baking soda
1 cup water
1cup cornstarch

Mix baking soda, water and cornstarch in a saucepan over low heat and stir until mixture becomes very thick. Add liquid watercolor or food coloring. Remove from heat, knead until smooth. Store in Ziploc Bag in refrigerator for up to a month.

If you have any great gluten free summer activities, send them to me at Theceliacshack@yahoo.com or comment on our blog. You should also sign up for our newsletter, The Pipeline to receive discounts on our products and to get other great recipes, ideas and links! Really looking forward to hear from you.

As always, The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Life at The Celiac Shack

When I decided to begin my journey with the gluten free lifestyle, I knew that I had to create a destination for other moms. I knew I wanted this destination spot to be honest, sincere, and above all else, useful in daily life. I created The Celiac Shack, and it has taken most of my time for the past year to get to the point where I'm now. I've poured myself into this project and I am proud of my results thus far. I knew that it was going to be an uphill battle to get the word out about The Celiac Shack, but I didn't expect it to be as difficult as it has been over the past month.

I have learned more in the past month than I have ever thought possible about Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogging, LinkedIn, etc... I have spent countless hours typing, emailing, speaking with people, and I have really enjoyed every step of this journey thus far. I am looking for suggestions as to how to get The Celiac Shack's name out to more people. I'd like to extend a thank you to all of the supporters who are following me on all of my sites, and would love to receive input or suggestions from everyone. It is not easy to go up against some of the "big guys" out there on the web, and I would love nothing more than to prove that The Celiac Shack community is something different than what the "other guys" have.

I will continue to provide you with everything I can to make your gluten free life easier, and I welcome all of your comments. Help me spread the word about The Celiac Shack...mention us to a friend, sign up for our newsletter, The Pipeline, comment on our blogs, follwing us on Twitter, and help me make The Celiac Shack's community the biggest and best around!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gluten free macaroni and cheese!

I'm making a gluten free macaroni and cheese for my kids today for lunch. I have to fave about these two products, as they have become a favorite of my children. This dish is incredibly easy to make and it tastes great.

I start with our gluten free elbow pasta by Ancient Harvest
and then mix up some Glute free cheese sauce by Full Flavor Food.

I simply follow the directions on the packages. I guarentee your kids and your family will love it!

If you have any gluten free recipes you'd like to share or have a comment about any of our recipes, please send them into s at http://www.blogger.com/theceliacshack@yahoo.com. Your comments and recipes may end up in our monthly newsletter and you can win FREE gifts just for sending us your comments!

The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gluten Free Cream of Brown Rice Cereal


I am writing today's blog about the delicious breakfast that I made for my kids this morning before they went off to school. I couldn't be more pleased with this product from Gluten Free Sensations. My kids used to love Cream of Wheat before we went gluten free, so obviously, they were very upset when I took that off the menu. I had to come up with an alternative that would satisfy them and something that tasted great, and I have found it with this Cream of Brown Rice.

It is simple and easy to make, and taste even better then Cream of wheat. I follow the directions on the package, and it makes more than enough for my entire family of six. I add brown sugar and some milk. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this product! Fabulously Gluten Free, awesome taste, nutritional, and easy...what more could any mom ask for?

Check back tomorrow for another great recipe from The Celiac Shack.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June's Newsletter is out! The Pipeline!

Just sent out The Celiac Shack's June newsletter, The Pipeline!

Sign up today and get the scoop about our Monthly contests, great health information and links, and send us your input so we can place your name and comments in July's newsletter.

The most important reason to sign up is DISCOUNTS on our monthly product, which is Hot Rod Bob's BBQ Sauce in June! Get a 20% promotional code in the newsletter! Sign up today and save!!

We are looking for comments on our recipes, suggestions as to what products you'd like us to carry, and anything else you have to say!

Our ears are open, so put your fingers to the keypad and send us a recipe or comment today!

The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!