Friday, May 22, 2009

The Celiac Shack offers gluten free solutions to local school districts in Michigan

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I spent time this morning speaking with my daughter's preschool teacher and members at her school, Northville's Early Childhood Center, Kids' Creative Corner in Northville, MI. I filled out all the information to be part of Northville's LISTSERV for gluten free needs in the community. I began thinking about the needs that schools have when dealing with gluten free children in their classrooms, and the challenges the teachers face. I explained to Northville's administration that The Celiac Shack will be an asset to the local mothers and families by creating a network for support, finding information regarding celiac disease and autism, and a great place for sharing knowledge among each other.

I have also volunteered to donate gluten free products to the classrooms for the celiac and gluten intolerant children in Northville, and if this collaboration is successful, I will consider extending this offer to other schools. I'd like to create a partnership with the local school districts in Michigan to become a focal point of reference for all of their gluten free needs. I truly believe this would prove to be an asset for the classrooms to have these snacks on hand.

If you can assist The Celiac Shack by helping us to promote our community in the local school districts, I will be pleased to feature an article about you in our Monthly newsletter, "The Pipeline". I believe in helping each other and our proposed offer with the local schools will benefit everyone involved.

Please feel free to share our contact information with everyone you think that would benefit from our community and services. The Celiac Shack believes in being the change we wish to see in the world, and this is just one more step to make a difference not only in our community, but in yours also.

The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!

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