Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guidelines for celiac testing

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I've been asked by many parents about how do you know if your child needs to be tested and what are the signs and symptoms of celiac. I always tell them that the signs are numerous but I wanted to include a few of the classic and most common signs and symptoms of celiac and gluten intolerance's.

Among babies, symptoms may include pain in the abdomen or diarrhea that may be bloody. Babies may also stop growing and fail to gain weight.
Among young children, symptoms may include nausea, loss of appetite, sores in the mouth,
anemia and skin rash.
Children who become malnourished from celiac disease may have thin thighs, a small bottom, and a large, swollen belly.
teens, symptoms may include stunted growth, delayed puberty, and hair loss.
Lactose intolerance.
An itchy, blistering skin problem.

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