Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gluten Free Cream of Brown Rice Cereal


I am writing today's blog about the delicious breakfast that I made for my kids this morning before they went off to school. I couldn't be more pleased with this product from Gluten Free Sensations. My kids used to love Cream of Wheat before we went gluten free, so obviously, they were very upset when I took that off the menu. I had to come up with an alternative that would satisfy them and something that tasted great, and I have found it with this Cream of Brown Rice.

It is simple and easy to make, and taste even better then Cream of wheat. I follow the directions on the package, and it makes more than enough for my entire family of six. I add brown sugar and some milk. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this product! Fabulously Gluten Free, awesome taste, nutritional, and easy...what more could any mom ask for?

Check back tomorrow for another great recipe from The Celiac Shack.

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