Thursday, September 10, 2009

In a slump today

I'm sure you have felt the same way I am feeling today. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all. From the kids being back in school to my husband looking for employment, I'm just tired. I was working on my dinner tonight and thought about how easy things used to be. When I had a schedule that was comfortable and I could cook anything I wanted to without having to think about the ingredients I have on hand.

I started to think about how easy life was when I thought it was difficult. Now I finally realize what difficult truly is. I realized that I used to take things for granted and have made a vow to myself that never again will I take even the smallest of events for granted after all that my family has been through over the past nine months.

I thought about how I'm watching my kids grow up and I'm wondering what events or lack of events are affecting them. We're doing all we can for them, but is it enough? Emotionally, mentally, physically?

I'm slightly tired because the past nine months have turned me from a once optimistic mother of four young children into a more jaded, cynical, and realistic person. Maybe that is for the better? I am always the first to say that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that. I'm just waiting to see the reason for all of this crystal clear. Kinda wishing I had hindsight sure would make all of my days much easier.

Back to my dinner...I realized that while I was trying to come up with something to make for my family that is gluten free and delicious, I just needed an easy way out tonight. I gave up and gave everyone a gluten free bagel and banana smoothie. Is that bad? On a good night, I would say it is bad, but today, it just seemed to fit.

Can anyone give me some inspiration to a mother that is looking for something so I won't make bagels and banana smoothies tomorrow night? I am always the one with pep talks and inspirational quotes, but today my cheerleader skirt just isn't fitting.

Thanks for listening to a slumpy gluten free mom

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