Monday, January 11, 2010

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My husband recently landed a new job after about 11 months of searching. I know a lot of you can feel our pain. There are far to many people suffering financial problems these days. Like most new positions, we had to go through all the forms and hoops to obtain insurance. Finally after a few weeks, everything was in place and we could finally take advantage of our plan. Proper insurance was void from our lives for most of 2009. Thank God nobody in the Jonesgang become seriously sick or injured. Like most plans, you have to pick primary doctors. The kids all stayed with their previous doctors, but my husband and I decided to switch and find someone closer to home. Our last doctor was alright, just more of a healer of things presently wrong without the insight into the future. People, I am falling apart and I need to know what's going to be breaking down in the next five years so I can brace myself! lol

I recently had this cough that I could not shake. Countless over the counter meds and a three weeks of suffering made me pick up the phone and give in. Though we have insurance, I still hate the co-pays. I made an appointment that was sandwiched between the usual going-ons. This new doctor is located in downtown Northville, MI not far from our house. I figured in and out with a script in hand and I'm on the road to recovery. This was not the case. The wait for this doctor was lengthy and not very impressive. If I ran any longer, my preschooler would be at the curb with her thumb out. So after getting a bit upset after watching the clock, I approached someone. After puffing my chest, I quickly deflated when I found out the reason the doctor was running late was that she had to deliver some devastating news to the patient in the next room. Boy did my scheduling issues seem unimportant as I almost fell to tears.

Finally the doctor came in and apologized. I explained that it was no problem and maybe I should just reschedule to have more time with her. She said no, lets look at what going on and give me a brief history of yourself. So I went on for only five minutes when the doctor stopped me. She said, listen I am going to give you a script for your chest, you may have a slight infection. But I would like you to reschedule so I can have more time to spend with you. The next words that came from her mouth I have never heard from a doctor. She said, " Susan, have you ever heard of gluten intolerance?" Holy crap, did she just say what I thought she said? I quickly said, yeah I may know a thing or two about it. lol

This was the first doctor I have ever met that didn't see gluten intolerance issues like some kind of jungle medicine. She actually thought that the majority of my ailments were derived from gluten. She likes to treat her patients whole package instead of waiting for fires and putting them out like Smokey the Bear. I am now scheduling a visit to discuss my issues in depth. She actually has an entire program put together to treat people with gluten intolerance issues. So I start 2010 with a sigh of relief and a hope in my heart. I think a few people in the medical world are starting to take us seriously. Yippy!

If you would like this doctors information, send me a message or e-mail and I will gladly give you her information.


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