Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gluten Free Shopping Survey

Gluten Free Shopping Survey

In the midst of getting our new site ready, I was proposed with a few question that I'd like to get your opinions and feedback on.  We all know that shopping for gluten free items is more time consuming and definitely more expensive than buying "normal" food. (Which drives me nuts to say the least!)

1)  Would you be more apt to buy your favorite gluten free products in bulk or by the case of you could pay a wholesale price? 

2)  Would you be willing to pay a minimum membership fee in order to be able to purchase your products at wholesale prices? 

As a mom, I am always looking for the products that I use on a regular basis at discounted prices, and I know that I would by a case of a favorite product if the price was right.  I'd love to get your feedback and you will be helping us to give you the best products at the best prices. 

From our home to yours, we wish you a happy gluten free day!

The Celiac Shack


ashia said...

Yes, I love buying my foods in bulk. I already do some of that through

I would pay a small membership like you said if the price is right!

Thanks for your willingness to help the gluten free community!!!

Ellen said...

1) Absolutely. I dread shopping, so anything I can get in bulk (and at a better price, to boot) is welcome.

2) Depends on the amount.

Grace said...

Yes, I love buying my food in bulk and already do it a lot through

I would be willing to pay a small membership if like you said the price were right.

Shan said...

I would buy in bulk, and I would be willing to pay a small membership fee if there were a wide enough variety that I would know I'd be buying more than once or twice. I live in Texas, so it would have to be drop-shipped.

Thanks for being willing to find ways to help us live this lifestyle more comfortably. :)

Jenny said...

Absolutely and especially if I can get them shipped to Australia.

Michelle said...

1) Yes, I would be willing to buy in bulk. We haven't yet because I am still in the process of finding the foods that I enjoy.

2) Yes, if there was a store close enough to me & I enjoyed the products.

My town doesn't offer many GF items. We have to drive at least an hour away to get many products.

Sarah- Celiac in the City said...

I would be willing to buy in bulk for a cheaper price.

Not a huge fan of paying to be in "clubs" or membership deals, but would depend on the details.


Anonymous said...

Depends on the price on both. I would if reasonable.


Anonymous said...

I would like to buy in bulk or cases if that meant cheapper and not having to go to the store as often as its a hour drive from my house. as for paying membership fee no, I don't like to pay for cheaper prices it just dont make sense to me.