Thursday, June 25, 2009

Computer Problems ~ UGH!

Hey everyone!

I'd like to apologize for the delay in my blogs and responses back to everyone. Our computer half way crashed last week, so we've been spending all week updating, fixing, and trying to figure out what is wrong with technology, or better yet, what is wrong with us! haha

I'd like to tell all the customers who have placed orders, signed up for our newsletter, and sent us emails, that we are back on track now! I will get your orders out to you tomorrow, and complete all of the other paperwork that I'm a week behind on.

An online business is great except when your computer goes out on you...then you find yourself in a pickle!

Until tomorrow, I wish all of you a happy gluten free day.

Susan :)

1 comment:

sonia sin gluten said...

Thank you for your work.
I feel as the computer.
I wonder if schools have a gluten-free diet?
Are aware of what the doctors underestimated this celiac disease?

Do not be upset over. :-)))
thank you very much Susan
sonia gluten free celiac grandmother of a girl of six years