Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gluten-Free Product Info.

What Can I Eat?

I was invited recently by Patty Fulloon to check out and contribute information if I so incline to a very cool website called "What Can I Eat?". Though we here at the "Shack" concentrate on gluten-free foods, this site touches on all food allergies. The only drawback, they are from Australia. The good thing is that almost any product can be ordered and shipped worldwide. Since she contacted me, I think she may be looking at a more global approach for their featured products and manufacturers. They offer recipes, support, restaurants that are safe for your specific allergy and much more!  

Patty writes, "Finally a one Stop Shop for you to "Find your Perfect Match" within our Online Pantries for those who have Food Allergies or are searching for solutions to meet Specific Dietary Restrictions. No more endless searching online or within retail outlets, What You Can Eat can partner you to wonderful products Australian Manufacturers are offering and where you can source them."

So if you get a chance to visit this cool website from down-under, let them know that the "Shack" sent ya!

What Can I Eat? -

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