Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids Corner

R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids)

Is a free support group for parents, families, and friends of kids on the gluten-free diet for any reason: celiac disease, gluten intolerance, autism, ADD/ADHD, allergies, or personal preference. We concentrate on dealing with the unique challenges that families of wheat-free/gluten-free kids face, including:

• Finding "fun" gluten-free treats for kids

• Menu ideas for school lunches, quick dinners, and sports snacks

• Helping the kids to take responsibility for reading labels, cooking and planning/preparing food

• How to prepare for unexpected birthday parties and food-oriented activities at school, church, and elsewhere

• Halloween, Easter, and other special days - how do we include our kids safely?

• Educating day-care providers and teachers - without burdening them

• Dealing with grandparents, babysitters, and "helpful" friends who offer gluten-containing foods to our kids

• Ensuring our kids won't cheat, and what to do WHEN they do

• Sending kids away to camp, friends' houses, and other times when we're not around to help

• The psychological impact of growing up with celiac disease (peer pressure, teenage years, and more)

R.O.C.K. was founded by Danna Korn in 1991 after her son, Tyler, was diagnosed with celiac disease. It has grown to international proportions, helping families all over the world deal with the unique challenges of raising a child on a gluten-free diet.

Contact Danna Korn for more information or for a chapter location near you at info@celiackids.com

Susan Jones
The Celiac Shack

"Making gluten-free fun one day at a time!"

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