Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Shack" Attack!

Social Websites/Community

Aloha everyone! It's time for another "Shack" attack. We at The Celiac Shack know that not everyone is a blogger or follows blogs. It's a niche thing that's not for everyone. What we do realize though, is that almost everyone that doesn't live in a cave is on some sort of social website. Keeping this in mind we have established pages or profiles at a number of different locations. Not only do we want to be your gluten-free store of choice, we want to communicate with people everywhere that have gluten intolerances. Communication and awareness is our greatest tool in the fight to knock gluten out of our everyday diets. It's an uphill battle that with perseverance, I know we can win. So pick your social weapon of choice below and join our community. Just click the icon and off you go!

Click your favorite below to find us!

Susan Jones
The Celiac Shack
"Making gluten-free fun one day at a time!"

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