Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kids Corner

Empower Your Children To Live In A Gluten World!

After speaking with numerous parents about the different ways they are teaching their children to live in our gluten filled world, I decided to look for some key points that may help everyone with this necessary, yet daunting task.  It is more difficult for children in my opinion than adults to grasp the concept that they can't have "normal" birthday cake or treats at school.  It is a bad day when you tell your child that they will always have to read labels and ask questions before they put anything into their mouths.  After all, everything always looks SO good!  I came across a great article that I found informative and inspiring and I'd really like to share it with all of you.  It shows ways to empower our children to live without gluten and deal with life in a world that doesn't cater their special needs diet. 

This article is titled Kids and the Gluten-Free Diet and it was written by Mary K. Sharrett and Pam Cureton from the February 2007 issue of Practical Gastroenterology.

I hope you enjoy it and take some great tips and information from it.  I really spend a lot of time with my kids in the kitchen, role playing for hard situations where "taboo foods" are bound to be, and reviewing labels.  It really can become part of your day and life without much hassle if you have the support to do so. 

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