Friday, December 11, 2009

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Wild Wood Art/Gluten-Free Cafe

Let's take a trip down to the lone star state to visit a real gem. The Wild Wood Art Cafe is nestled in Austin, TX. I'm sure you know or have heard about this cities hot music scene, but know little about it's gluten-free side. People everywhere are interested in healthy living from wholesome, alternative food sources. Wild Wood strives to make baked goods that are delicious, yet harmless to the growing community of wheat-, gluten- and carb-free people who love tasty foods.

They remain dedicated to the nutritional welfare of people with food allergies and medical restrictions. Wild Wood produces gluten free foods that are so good, the claim everyone likes them better than ordinary wheat-filled items. That is a tall statement to make in my book. I have tasted some pretty good products before, but as good as the gluten filled counter parts? Wow!!! They have Mexican favorites, salads, cookies, breads, the works! (Menu)

Normally the menu they have created would be enough to peak my intetest, but Wild Wood has more to offer. They have their very own art gallery. What kind of “magic” do the Wild Wood artists offer? One that is grounded firmly in the earth and its precious resources - clay, fibers, metals, woods, and savory flavors... Join them in a virtual – or real – flight to a place where good taste can satisfy all five senses, a place where affordability, adventure and delight are shaken, not stirred...

WOOD: In the steady skillful hands of the Zapotec woodcarvers a mix of imagination, humor, and insight crystalize into wooden sculptures. Smooth or textured, huge or tiny, these art works invite us into the minds and culture of an ancient world. They work with 60 Oaxacan families who use copal wood and other found materials to delight and amaze us.

WOOL: Weavers by trade for more than 2000 years, Zapotecs Indians were introduced to wool by the Spanish only 500 years ago. They create 100% wool, double sided tapestry weave rugs and wall-hangings. They specialize in unique designs and custom sizes. (Gallery)

"Making gluten free fun one day at a time!" 

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Jessica Meyer said...

When did you visit here? I love Wildwood!