Friday, July 10, 2009

Isles Of Wheat & Not A Bite To Eat

I just got back from the local food store where they looked at me baffled when I asked them where their gluten-free items were located. I cannot believe that the major chains are still resisting stocking their stores with food that we need. They all have token areas that amount to very little more than a marketing ploy. It's darn near impossible to put together a days worth of meal options let alone an entire weeks worth. If I don't beat these stores to the punch, I believe that we will see a supermarket that will be 100% gluten-free from top to bottom within the next 5 years. No label reading with all the choices people need to do their full shopping. As Celiac disease and other gluten-free related illnesses gain acceptance in the medical world we will see a major shift in what we are putting into our bodies. Until then, I am afraid that we are forced to piecemeal our list together from all over town. Keep the faith everyone, I have a plan!

Susan Jones

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sonia sin gluten said...

Aloha (!)
I'm really looking forward your :-)))

I despair when the labels are not correct, or can not find gluten-free foods for my granddaughter.

Food industries that do not matter?
We are a collective bigger every day ...
If you put this wonderful shop 100% free of gluten, ahi estare :-))))