Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Refer a friend to The Celiac Shack

Aloha everyone!

I would like to extend an offer to all of you for a new program we have put into place. It's The Celiac Shack's refer a friend. If you know of anyone with gluten intolerance's, and think they would benefit from our information, health links and gluten free products, please refer them to our site, and have them sign up for our newsletter, The Pipeline. After they sign up for The Pipeline, we will send you out FREE samples of our products absolutely free of charge to you. We would like you to help us out by referring all of the Celiac friends you know, and in return, we would like to thank you by supplying you with FREE samples to try of some of our great products that we're offering in our gluten free store.

How easy can it be?

Take a moment and think of all the contacts you can refer ~ This is our community, so let's make it great together!

The Celiac Shack ~ Making gluten free fun one day at a time!

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