Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The "Shack" is back!

The "Shack" is back from relaxing by the lake and gluten-free BBQ bliss.

We had several get togethers that focused on food and we played a fast one on our guests. One of our guests in a previous discussion before the get together mentioned that they were not fans of any diets or crazy dietary gimmicks. I explained what gluten-free living was about and he laughed it off stating that he thought that all special dietary food was without taste and similar to cardboard. After this guests got done woofing down ribs, bread and all the fixing, he stated that was some of the finest BBQ they have had in a long time. I then with pride stated that everything he just ate was gluten-free. lol It was priceless to see this person eat their words.

Just because you have special dietary needs doesn't mean you have to stop living and enjoying food. Don't get me wrong, some of this stuff does taste like cardboard. You just have to do a lot of taste testing to find what's good for your palate. Stop by theceliacshack.net for some of these BBQ delights and sign up for "The Pipline" during your visit for recipes and information about the gluten-free lifestyle.

Susan Jones

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