Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gluten-Free Product Info.

Glutino-Introduces G.F. Frozen Chicken Entrees

One of our Canadian followers wrote to me and stated that she tried a Chicken Pad Thai entree last week from this company and said it was really tasty and well priced. Though we don't sell this at our store, my objective with my blogs is to create awareness to our readers. These are not solely pieces for self promotion. Since only two out of the six "Jones Gang" our gluten intolerant, this looks like a quick healthy option for us when I don't have time to cook something different for my son and myself. It looks like the only way to buy it here in the states is on-line at Yup, one of our competitors. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the Canadians seem to be really progressive about this whole gluten-free thing. Yes my husband and three other kids are supportive, but still occasionally miss some of the gluten filled delicacies I used to make. Little do they know I am secretly searching out options to recreate these dishes gluten-free.

Glutino Foods and its brands Glutino and Gluten-Free Pantry are known by consumers living with celiac disease and other food allergies for providing a wide selection of gluten-free and wheat-free products.

New Glutino Frozen Chicken Entrees:
Tuscan Chicken with brown rice
Chicken Ranchero with brown rice
Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Penne Alfredo

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