Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kids Corner

It's Gluten Free Candy Time!

"Mom!, Can we buy some candy today!??!?!?!?!" is the most common question that I hear while grocery shopping with my children. They see aisles of goodness while waiting for "Eternity" in the check out line. I am actually surprised that my kids don't wither from dehydration and starve right there in the line every time we are forced to wait longer than 3.3 seconds. Let's not even get them started on how hard it is for a child to walk through a complete store without having to use the bathroom at least four times, need to sit for a break, and death knocking on their door from the agony food shopping has caused their poor little bodies!

I have come to the conclusion that I AM the meanest Mother in the world for subjecting my little ones to this hell. So at the end of it, I enter my "No. No. No" mode when asked for snacks, treats, candy and let's not forget gum!

I got tired of having to read all the labels on the rare occasion that I actually did surrender to their whining, so I printed off this list of safe and gluten free candy/gum so I'd always be prepared. It has made my life easier when I take off my witch hat and ditch my broom. I highly suggest you doing the same....best to be prepared on those days you decide that your only goal in life isn't to torture your children! haha


Good luck with your horror trips to the grocery store, and actually, my kids are very well behaved in ALL public places, but you can't break a kid from wanting, or trying to get a peice of candy...it's in their nature!

Let us know if we can do anything to make your gluten free life easier!


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