Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gluten Free Product Info

General Mills/Betty Crocker G.F. Snacks

Here is the day all of you have been waiting for!  Today is our General Mills/Betty Crocker Prize Pack Giveaway!  If you've subscribed to our newsletter "The Pipeline" and read our contest corner, you are well prepared and ready for this challenge!  If not, I would suggest signing up ASAP and cramming!  Subscribe Here: The Pipeline

The "Jones Gang" has taste tested all of the fruit snacks that General Mills sent to us in this Prize Pack, and the verdict is in. My kids loved the Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and the Fruit Roll-Ups.   The Build-A-Bugs got mixed reviews.  My older kids didn't like them as much compared to the other products, and my four year old liked only half of the colors/flavors.  I would have to say 3 out of the 4 products they sent us were huge hits and the other was just ok. 

As  mother, I do like the fact that a major company such as General Mills sees the importance in adding gluten-free items to their catalog of foods. I will continue to work with such companies to make you aware of any products that are gluten free. Our goal is to have entire foods store dedicated to our cause. It may take my lifetime to see this vision realized, but it's something I believe in.

Follow the instructions in The Pipeline, and you could soon have your very own General Mills/Betty Crocker Gluten Free Prize Pack delivered directly to your door! 

Here is a photo of the loot you're all fighting for:

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Good Luck!

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