Friday, November 13, 2009

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Gluten-Free Costa Rican Adventure

We tested our dart throwing skills on a global map today and hit Central America. We have found a place where hiking, rafting, beaches can all be yours without the worry of making sure if your meals are gluten-free. Yippy! If you have a hunger for adventure in a exotic local and have gluten intolerances, this is the place. Though this particular event was in 2008, I understand that they are trying to put something together for 2010. It looks like it would have been a riot to go on. Check out this link for their current adventues.

Director Becky Harrison has been arranging gluten-free menus for her trekking clients in Nepal for many years. Now, with a little help, Becky has taken gluten-free adventure to the next level by offering other great adventures that are totally gluten-free!

How do they keep meals gluten-free? They use two ecofriendly jungle camps as their base of operations. Each has their own kitchens and cooks that already cook for gluten-free guests. By making all the meals gluten-free, you won't be worried about cross contamination.

The types of meals you can expect will be a blend of local fruits and vegetables, fish, rice dishes and barbequed meats. They do everything to make sure you get a wide variety, including some pretty interesting desserts.

As for the experience, you’ll be amazed. Green, lush jungles, beautiful waterfalls and rushing rivers give this country a magical feel. They'll be hiking up Arenal Volcano, rafting the Pacuare River, and you'll have a choice of extra activities provided for filling out the days they are setting aside for free time.

Lodging is a two person A-frame permanent safari style tents with thatched roofs and beds with mattresses and bedding. Bathrooms are outside and conveniently located near the tents.

Now doesn't that all sound rustic and cool! Stay tuned next Friday for more fun places to go and live gluten-free.

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