Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shack Attack!

Monthly Contests = FREE Swag!

Aloha "Shackers"! Here is your chance to win some free stuff. All you have to do for the recipe contest is sign-up for our newsletter and submit a dessert recipe. I know you all have a ton of recipes sitting around that you could share. Believe it or not, we have had zero entries for the last two months. The second contest requires you to sign-up to follow our blog and tune in for our post on Nov. 18th. The first person to e-mail us after the post is published wins the prize. Two simple ways to win some cool stuff from The Celiac Shack. The links for participation and the details for the contests are listed below.

Good luck!

Recipe Contest

Though eating healthier is always on our minds, the season to splurge is upon us. The challenge this month is for all of you to send us your best gluten-free dessert recipe! It can be your own recipe made from scratch, or a recipe that you have found else where and made. This is a perfect time to have your tasty treat on our tables during the upcoming holiday season. If your submission is chossen, we will send you absolutely FREE a bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips by Enjoy Life and publish your recipe in Decembers newsletter.

Betty Crocker/General Mills
Prize Pack Giveaway!

The folks at General Mills/Betty Crocker contacted us recently to see if we would be interested in sampling some of their gluten-free products and to blog about them. In return, they offered to give the following to one of you "Shakers". The Betty Crocker “Simple Joys” prize pack includes 2 packages of Betty Crocker Fruit-Flavored Snacks, a retro Pick ‘em Up Sticks game, a light-up yo-yo and a classic Frisbee. The liaison for General Mills says, "Betty Crocker Fruit-Flavored Snacks is a snack you can feel good about as they are made with real fruit and each serving is less than 100 calories! Now kids – and kids at heart – can enjoy the simple joy of a fun, great tasting gluten free snack." The "Jones Gang 4" will be sampling them in their lunches this week and reporting back to home base for us to blog about. Though I appreciate the free swag they have provided, it by no means is a golden ticket to a great product review blog. I was straight forward about this before they offered this gift. What can you do to get your hands on this package? I will be blogging about these snacks on one of the Wednesdays in November. This day is devoted to product information of all sorts. Yes Alice, you must follow me through the looking glass and join our blog to win. I will included a promotional code in the blog. The first person to e-mail us with this promotional code will be the winner! I will need you to send your name and mailing address along with the code so I can forward the information on to General Mills. They will then direct send the prize pack to your doorstep for free.

"Making gluten free fun one day at a time!"

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