Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shack Attack


Now that November is well under way, all thoughts turn to the holiday season. A time to get together with friends/family and eat lots of food. Unfortunately this is a challenging time for people with gluten intolerances, but it's a manageable feat. We have a few recipes to help you for the Thanksgiving holiday in this months "Pipeline" newsletter. A gluten and dairy free turkey gravy, plus a gluten free cornbread stuffing.

Also in this issue, we feature two great contests. A Dessert Recipe Entry Contest where the best recipe will be published in our December newsletter and the winner will receive a free bag of gluten free chocolate chips. The other contest is our Betty Crocker/General Mills Prize Pack Giveaway!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the issue. There are helpful links, articles and much more. Click the link and subscribe for your free issue today!
"The Pipeline"

We are also looking for input and stories from our followers. It doesn't matter what social website you may see this on, we want to hear from you. We share many of these thoughts in "The Pipeline". We also use this to better understand the gluten free lifestyle and improve the quality of the subject matter that we publish in all forms. I am including our e-mail for your voice to be heard. Negative or positive, bring it! ;)

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