Monday, November 2, 2009

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Gluten-Free Pocket Guide

 If you are anything like me, I am always on the go and have a tendency to forget things from time to time. My fridge and calendar are filled with countless reminders of school functions, doctor appointments and such. I don't know how often I have found myself in a food store searching for items that I need for gluten-free recipes. If you also do this, fear no more! The Gluten Free Lab has created a portable cheat sheet for shoppers like me that left the recipe on the counter instead of in my purse. I must admit that I have chosen the incorrect product and my poor son Sam has paid the price. This is a compact gluten-free shopping, ingredient & product guide.

Print it and keep in your purse, wallet and/or kitchen, pass it around to your well-meaning friends & family (surely they will appreciate having a guide!), email the PDF as a quick-reference for the people who want to cook you dinner! Click on Compact Reference for your printable copy.

What a life saver!

Check-out The Gluten Free Lab for other helpful information like this.

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