Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shack Attack

Gluten Stinks ~ A poem About Gluten

I'd like to share a poem that my Son wrote about Gluten ~ It made me giggle and I hope you enjoy it also!


Gluten is in everything that I used to eat
Gluten is as bad as my brothers’ smelly feet!

We had to stop eating our bread
Cause gluten was hurting my mom’s head

We changed our noodles and our sauce
Mom said it’s a must, and she’s the boss

No more oatmeal, no more chips
Those people that make gluten sure are dips

We eat different and it’s okay
Now I help shop and have a say

We eat more veggies and more fruit
I don’t like the veggies ~ it’s not a hoot

I don’t mind eating gluten free
It’s just the way we have to be

I get special treats all to myself
All stocked on my very own shelf

I feel much better gluten free
Now everyone can see the real me

I’m not so grumpy or tired at school
Being gluten free is really cool

I have found some websites and cool links
I met some friends that also think GLUTEN STINKS!

~ Sam Jones ~ Age 8

The Celiac Shack
Making gluten free fun one day at a time!

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